1989_02_23 AfghanistanThe refreshment of the mujahideen guerrillas in a village near the Arghandab River during their marches off to fight against the government soldiers of the pro-Soviet President Mohammad Najibullah, remained in office after the withdrawal of the Red Army after nine years of war that began with the occupation in December 1979 dell'Afghanistan _ Il rifocilarsi dei guerriglieri mujaheddin in un villaggio a ridosso del fiume Arghandab durante le loro marce per andare a combattere contro i soldati governativi del pro-Soviet presidente Mohammad Najibullah, rimasto in carica dopo il ritiro dell'armata rossa dopo nove anni di guerra iniziata con l'occupazione dell'Afghanisatn nel dicembre 1979

There’s No Wrong Way To Have A Career! [LIVE UPDATES]

I stopped sleeping for fifteen years the first day I left my full-time job to go to my own business, which had been operating already for 18 months.

I worked all day at my full-time job and then all night at company, along with my dozen or so employees.

I stopped having friends for at least eight years. I lost two houses and a marriage while an entrepreneur.